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Choosing the Perfect Rug Size for Your Queen Bed: A Complete Guide

How to choose the right rug size for a queen bed

Looking for a simple way to bring sophistication into your bedroom? A bedroom rug is a classic yet understated way to elevate your personal space by adding texture or a pop of color.

But investing a sizeable sum on a large area rug for your queen bed only to be disappointed that you got the wrong size—well, that’s a bummer. If you can’t return it, you’re stuck with this eyesore that will throw the entire room’s balance off. Even if you can return it, it will still cost you quite a large amount on return shipping.

And this is why you need to pick the right rug size for a queen bed on the first try. Follow our guide to pick the best rug size for a queen bed, with additional tips on how to frame it. Let’s go!

How to Choose the Right Rug Size for a Queen Bed

There are different ways to place a rug under a queen bed. Although there is a “best rug size for a queen bed,” other different rug sizes also have merits and can fit your bedroom if you frame it right. So, let’s go through the different rug sizes and see how they can fit your queen bed –

1. 4×6 Rug: Ideal for placing beside the bed

Although area rugs measuring 4 by 6 feet don’t technically go under a queen bed, they still have a place around a queen bed if you think creatively. Instead of putting them under the bed, you can place one 4 by 6 feet rug next to the bed if your bed is against the wall.

Also, you can use them even if your bed is placed in the middle of the room by putting two rugs on either side. This is a great way to bring warmth into a small room without taking up too much space. You also get the freedom to use different patterns on each side. High pile or textured 4 by 6 area rugs are an excellent choice to bring depth to the bedroom.

2. 5×7 Rug: The smallest size to put under a queen bed

If you have a small room and are determined to put a rug under your queen bed, a 5- by 7-foot area rug is your savior. It is the smallest rug size you can put under a queen bed. It won’t take up too much space around the bed, so no waste! This rug size will not cover your nightstands. You can start either a foot from the bedframe or from the middle of the bed.

3. 5×8 Rug: Perfect rug size for small bedrooms

5 by 8 feet rugs are also an excellent fit for small bedrooms. The best way to place it under a queen bed is to center it in the room and extend it equally on the sides of the bed. On the bottom, you get to choose how you want to frame the bed. This creates a defined area for the bed and adds comfort for a good night’s sleep.

4. 6×9 Rug: Perfect rug size for a queen bed

If you have a medium or large bedroom, a 6- by 9-foot rug is the best way to go. It gives you 25 inches of underfoot rug on either side of a standard queen bed. Even though this size will still not fit your nightstand, it’s still a snug size that you can frame perfectly around the bed. You can choose the placement depending on whether or not you have a bench or how much underfoot rug you want on the bottom.

5. 7×10 Rug: Largest rug size for an average size bedroom

A 7- by 10-foot rug is a perfect rug size if you want your nightstand on the rug. This is the largest rug size you can use in an average-sized bedroom without making it look cluttered. It gives you 30 inches of extra rug space on either side, assuming you lay it perpendicular to the bed. This allows plenty of space around the bed to walk and still have the rug show.

6. 8×10 Rug: Ideal for large bedrooms

If you have a considerably large bedroom with plenty of space around the bed, you can go for a large area rug measuring 8 by 10 feet. This will not only fit your nightstand but also the bench and what have you. 8 by 10 feet rugs also give 30 inches of excess rug space on the sides with additional space at the bottom. These large rugs are great for adding depth and boundary to a large bedroom.

7. 9×12 Rug: Works best in huge bedrooms

You can probably guesstimate how large a 9 by 12 feet rug is—so you need to be meticulous to ensure you have enough space to fit it inside your bedroom. You should choose the texture and pile height with caution. Typically, neutral colors and low piles are the safest way to go with a rug this big. The possibilities with this rug are endless. It will give you a completely defined sleeping area and separate it from the rest of the room.

However, a rug of this grandeur can be overpowering if you don’t place it correctly. So, you need to ensure it is centered in the room and not create any narrow space between the rug and furniture. You should place the nightstand and benches of the proper size to make the queen bed fit the rug properly. You can also layer a smaller rug on top (preferably 5×7 or 5×8) to add more depth.

8. Round or Elliptical Rugs: Uncommon yet chic addition under a queen bed

Although these are not standard rug sizes to place under a queen bed, they can add a touch of sophistication if you utilize them correctly. These are great to add warmth to your bedroom without fully committing to carpets. With these unconventional shapes, opt for larger carpets as they are challenging to fit under a bed without showing awkward edges.

The Best Rug Size for a Queen Bed: Our Opinion

Typically, an area rug measuring 6- by 9-foot is the best rug size for a queen bed. It fits pretty much any room, regardless of the size. It gives you a spacious 25-inch underfoot rug on either side of a standard queen bed, creating a dedicated sleeping area without taking up too much space. Although this size will not fit your nightstand, it’s a snug size that you can frame perfectly around the bed. Also, you get plenty of choices on how to frame it to pick how much rug you want to show on the bottom of the bed.

Things to Consider Before Deciding on a Rug Size for a Queen Bed

Before choosing the rug size for your bedroom, you need to take a closer look around your room to consider a few things. These include –

The size of the room

No matter the bed size, the rug first needs to fit the room. If you have a large room, this might not concern you. But when dealing with a smaller room, you need to be careful about the sizing of the area rug. If you pick too large of a rug, it might leave narrow strips of bare flooring around the room, making it feel congested.

Type of bed

Although this article is all about finding the right rug size for a queen bed, you still need to take a closer look at the bed you got. You might have a non-standard queen-size bed, in which case our recommendations will not directly apply. For example, a standard queen-size bed is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. Whereas an Olympic queen bed, a non-standard bed, runs 66 inches wide.

Number of nightstands

Your nightstands play a key role in your rug placement. If you have two nightstands on either side, your rug needs to run symmetrically with them. But if you only have one nightstand only or no nightstand at all, you can go for a narrower rug to frame the bottom end of your bed only.

Other furniture around the room

Generally, you want the rug to be visible around the bed. But if you have a piece of furniture too close to the bed, it might create awkward and narrow strips of passage between the rug and itself. So, make sure to leave enough space between the rug’s endpoint and the next furniture.

How to frame the bed

Rugs are generally placed perpendicular to the bed, which means that the length of the rug should be measured against the width of your bed. This placement allows for a practical arrangement where the rug extends beyond the sides of the bed, providing a soft landing for your feet as you get in and out of bed. The longer the rug, the more room you have at the sides of your bed, creating a comfortable space for your morning routine.

Conversely, suppose you opt for a wider rug. In that case, it can be positioned underneath your bed and even extended to accommodate nightstands, offering a cohesive and visually appealing look to your bedroom decor. So, before selecting the rug size, consider how you’d like to position it to make the most of both form and function in your bedroom.

How to Frame Queen Beds With Rugs: Top 5 Ways

The size of the rug is important—for sure. But how you place the rug and frame the bed is just as crucial to making the rug fit. There are endless ways you can put a rug under a queen bed. But here are the best ways to frame queen beds with rugs –

1. The Two-Thirds Rule

The “Two Third Rule” suggests that when selecting a smaller area rug, such as one measuring 5 by 7 or 5 by 8 feet, consider positioning it beneath the lower two-thirds of your queen bed. Doing so will ensure that a few inches of rug are visible on all three sides of the bed, creating a balanced and visually pleasing effect.

2. Highlight the Bottom

If you have a larger-than-average bedroom or when you have an exceptionally charming rug pattern you’re eager to showcase, consider framing the rug beneath the foot of the bed. This arrangement allows the rug to extend beyond both ends of the bed, preserving the visual balance of larger bedrooms and accentuating the captivating design of your rug, thus enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your space.

3. Envelop the Bed

Consider surrounding your entire bed with a well-fitted rug to achieve full coverage. This method ensures that all four legs of your bed are cushioned, safeguarding your hardwood floors from any potential scratches. Optimal rug sizes such as 7′ x 9′, 8′ x 10′, or 9′ x 12′ are ideal for this approach, as they provide sufficient length and width to cover the entirety of your bed, with some additional space on the sides to display the intricate design of your chosen rug.

4. Incorporate Your Nightstands

Elevate the style by positioning your nightstands atop your rug. This transforms the space into an encompassing area where all bedroom furniture rests on the rug, creating a harmonious and unified look. To guarantee that both your bed and nightstands are fully accommodated, it’s advisable to opt for the most generous rug size available, such as 8′ x 10′ or 9′ x 12′, which offers ample coverage for this purpose.

5. Add a Stylish Accent

Consider using a runner when your primary goal is to enhance your bedroom’s design rather than cover a large area. These narrow rugs offer a touch of style without monopolizing your floor space. Runners seamlessly blend with your bedroom’s decor and come with the added convenience of not necessitating the lifting of your bed for placement.

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