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How to Make Parquet Floors Look Modern: 3 Ways to Transform Parquet

How to Make Parquet Floors Look Modern: 3 Ways to Transform Parquet

Parquet floors are classic, and there is no doubt about that. However, the herringbone or chevron patterns from 1960s or 1970s apartment buildings can look out of place in modern homes. And more often than not, they are stripped up and replaced with hardwood plank floors.

But can parquet still have a place in a modern home? Is it possible to make parquet floors look modern? Sprucing up the color or finish of the floor or utilizing décors such as area rugs, plants, light fixtures, and contemporary furniture can modernize your parquet floors.

But how? Keep reading to find out!

How to Make Parquet Floors Look Modern: Give Your Floor a Makeover

How to Make Parquet Floors Look Modern

The first thing you can do to modernize parquet floors is to give your old floors the makeover they deserve. Here are a few ways to make parquet floors look modern –

1. Tweak the finish

This is the easiest yet most effective way to spruce up parquet floors. Consider refinishing the parquet flooring with a matte or satin finish rather than a high gloss. Matte finishes tend to be more modern and can hide scratches and wear better than glossy finishes.

2. Update baseboards and molding

If you have classic baseboards and molding that came with the floors, consider replacing or updating baseboards and molding with simpler, more modern profiles. This simple change can help streamline the overall look of the room.

3. Bleach the floor

Bleached floors are a popular choice in contemporary settings. You can use wood bleaches from stores to get the job done. If you have reddish floors, you can mix green to offset the red on the floors. Depending on how light you want your floors to be, you might need to repeat the process. You can leave the color as it is or use light stains to create a natural look.

4. Change up the pattern

Traditional parquet floors typically feature narrow wood strips to create intricate patterns, which can make the floors look busy and cluttered. Consider laying the parquet blocks in a larger, open pattern to create a more spacious and modern look.

5. Paint the floor in bold colors

Even though the word parquet floors naturally makes us visualize a classic brown wooden floor, it doesn’t have to be that way. So, get ready to break some rules and repaint the floors in a completely different color, such as shades of grey or tan. Use paints with high opacity that will cover the grains to make the floorboards look less wooden.

Paint the floor in bold colors

6. White out the parquet

White floors are all the hype right now—so why not whitewash the parquet as well? Whitewash your parquet floors to create a minimalist or Boho look. This look works magic in open floor plans. It creates a breezy, fresh feel while not taking away from the wooden vibes.

7. Darken the parquet

Older parquet floors often come in the classic orange or reddish-brown shade that doesn’t work in modern homes. Check if there is enough wood left for sanding. If there is, sand away the orange finish and stain your floor ebony or even black, which is a good neutral and can make a place look spacious. You can opt for either matt or glossy finish to match up the color you’ve chosen.

How to Make Parquet Floors Look Modern: Work Your Furniture and Décor Around the Floor

How to Make Parquet Floors Look Modern: Work Your Furniture and Décor Around the Floor

Now if you don’t want to change your floors or don’t feel it’s not doing enough to spice things up, you still have other options left. Another way to make parquet floors look modern is to utilize your furniture and décor to make your floors look modern. Here are a few of our favorite ways to accessorize parquet floors to create a modern look –

1. Choose a contemporary color palette

When you’re working with parquet floors, don’t just think about the color of the floor. Think of the entire color palette in the whole room. Since the parquet patterns are classic, offset that by incorporating a contemporary color palette such as tan, white, shades of grey, or even dark brown or charcoal shades. But remember that you’re not limited to these neutrals to bind everything together. Consider incorporating a bold accent color for a touch of vibrancy.

2. Mix and match styles

The big mistake people make when accessorizing parquet floors is going for a traditional style in every element, which can make the space look dated and stuffy. Don’t be afraid to mix traditional parquet flooring with more modern design elements. The juxtaposition can create a unique and visually interesting space.

3. Contemporary furniture

What better way to balance out a classic floor but with furniture that are anything but classic? Choose modern furniture pieces that contrast with the traditional look of parquet flooring. Clean lines and minimalist designs work well to create a balanced and updated aesthetic.

4. Large area rugs

Now, there are two ways to bring large area rugs into a parquet space. One is to use large area rugs to break up the pattern of the parquet flooring and add a modern touch. Geometric or abstract patterns can complement the traditional parquet design.

The other way is to simply cover everything up with a pretty big rug that leaves a few inches of the border. Although this can take away from the beauty of parquet floors, it’s a sure way to change things up.

5. Incorporate plant

Now this is my favorite interior décor to add freshness to any space—a hint of green. Live plants are such a simple yet effective way to bring life into space. It also draws attention in a not-so-overwhelming way to make something as traditional as parquet work in a modern context. You can bring greenery into the space with something as simple as potted plants or go for a statement indoor tree. Just keep in mind to place the plant strategically with sunlight and keep it freshly trimmed to make it look put together.

6. Bring in open shelving

Open shelves are a popular choice in modern interior design. If applicable, consider incorporating open shelving units with a modern design to display decor items and break up the visual heaviness of the flooring.

7. Make use of an accent wall

Accents walls are a great way to break up visual repetitiveness created by parquet patterns. Create an accent wall using modern materials such as reclaimed wood, metal, or textured wallpaper. This can help to draw attention away from the flooring and add a focal point to the room.

How to Make Parquet Floors Look Modern: Change Your Lighting

Lighting plays a pivotal role in transforming the ambiance of a room and can be a game-changer when modernizing parquet floors. Opt for contemporary lighting fixtures that complement the timeless elegance of parquet while infusing a modern twist. Pendant lights with sleek designs or minimalist fixtures can draw attention upwards, diverting focus from the flooring.

Consider warmer color temperatures for a cozy atmosphere or cooler tones for a crisp, modern feel. Additionally, swapping outdated light fixtures for more modern options not only enhances the aesthetic but also contributes to improved functionality. Experiment with unique shapes and materials or statement pieces to create a visually compelling space, making your parquet floors a stylish focal point within the modernized setting.

Sure, parquet might have a cozy old-school vibe, but guess what? It’s got a backstage pass to the modern scene too! So, let’s sprinkle some contemporary magic on those classic floors. There’s a bag of tricks to pull from – play around with colors, tweak the patterns, or bring in some cool new furniture. Whether you’re going for a subtle revamp or a bold makeover, the mission is clear: rescue your parquet from the ‘goodbye’ pile while keeping the style game strong!

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