Best Flooring for Radiant Heating Systems: 8 Floorings to Consider

best flooring for radiant heat

Radiant floor heating systems are luxurious yet practical additions to new homes that are also making their way into older homes through major floor renovations. Radiant heating is arguably the most comfortable and efficient home heating system. It is invisible and doesn’t make any clanking or hissing noise. You cannot even tell it is there […]

How to Store Hardwood Floors: 9 Things You Need to Know

How to Store Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are one of the best investments you can make for your home. However, it isn’t easy to estimate the exact date you will install your floorings or even get them shipped at the right time. You can also have leftovers from your installation that you can use later. Whichever is the case, you […]

The Most Effective Way to Get Dog Pee Out of Carpet

dog pee out of carpet

“Hurry! My dog just peed on the carpet. What do I do?” Take a deep breath. You got this. Our good boys and girls having a little mishap on the carpet is not the end of the world. There are plenty of ways to effectively get dog pee out of the carpet. The most effective […]

When to Replace Flooring: Renovation Guide for 5 Flooring Types

when to replace flooring

Your floor is starting to look like they have seen better days. But the question is, do you replace them, or do they just need a little bit of polish and maintenance?  Not all flooring is built the same. Different flooring materials show individual signs of wearing down and replacement needs. And sometimes, the replacement […]

What is the Easiest Flooring to Install: 6 Options for DIYers

easiest flooring to install

Whether you are an avid DIYer or on a budget, installing your flooring on your own is not as hard as it seems — given you have the right product in hand. Manufacturers are coming up with new floors that are not only classy and durable but also so easy to install that you can […]

Radiant Floor Heating System: Is It Worth It?


What’s a good heating system?  A system that is noiseless, energy efficient, easy to install, doesn’t spew dust and allergen all over the place, and, most importantly — gets the job done. A good heating system should feel like a warm blanket of heat, almost as if you are standing in the sun on a […]

6 Best Flooring for Wet Areas (And 2 Worst to Avoid)

6 Best Flooring for Wet Areas (And 2 Worst to Avoid)

Not all flooring works well with water and moisture. Moisture is the number one killer of flooring materials if your floor isn’t built to handle it. So, choosing the right flooring for wet areas in your home, such as bathrooms, showers, laundry rooms, or even the basement, is crucial. Additionally, your kitchen floor can get […]

Step-by-step Guide on How to Replace Subfloor under a Wall

Step-by-step Guide on How to Replace Subfloor under a Wall

Subfloors are a structural part of the house that needs replacing when damaged. There are telltale signs of subfloor damage that indicate damages and hint at a coming replacement. However, even though replacing the subfloor is not that complicated, replacing the subfloor under a wall is a different story. And if the wall in question […]

Is Vinyl Good for Bathrooms: Pros and Cons of Vinyl for Bathrooms

Is Vinyl Good for Bathrooms

Bathrooms are the highest traffic areas in most houses. With all the water splashing around and a constantly moist environment, your bathroom floors are sure to take a beating. Also, they are cleaned more frequently, adding to the already existing high-stress pile. So, in addition to picking a bathroom floor that looks good, its longevity […]

7 Best Floor Color for Small Spaces to Make it More Spacious

With the rising urban population, living space is getting smaller and smaller. And even if you live in a large house, there is always that one room that looks quite stuffed. How spacious a room looks doesn’t exactly depend on the size of the space itself. Interior decoration plays a massive role in manipulating our […]