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Contributor Guidelines for Mention’s Blog

What topics should you write about?

Cozy Home Hunter is a website dedicated to anyone creating their perfect home. Regardless of budget and constraints, we are here to help out our readers. Please review our previously published posts to get an idea of our topic focus.

Our audience

Cozy Home Hunter addresses common homeowner challenges, offers comprehensive how-to guides, and shares insightful buying advice. Our stringent product curation ensures top recommendations for our readers. Whether it’s a renovation project or a completely new build, we’re here to support and mentor our readers every step of the way. Our sole mission is to evolve alongside our audience, continually producing articles to address your every query.

Writing guidelines

  • Writing content that provides our readers with actionable tips, tools, and valuable strategies.
  • Give readers advice that they can put to work immediately after reading
  • Share unique perspectives on topics that are considered over-saturated, much like social media

In order for us to publish your content, your article must meet the following requirements.

  • Submit your post via Google Documents only.
  • We do not have a word limit, but articles over 1000 words are preferred.
  • The article should be original content, exclusive to our site, and not plagiarized by any means.
  • The article should be helpful and informative. Feel free to have a sense of humor in the article, as long as it’s respectful.
  • Cite any quotes, data, images, or third-party content used.
  • Explain each of your points with real and measurable examples.

Visual requirements

  • Illustrate each example with screenshots, videos, social media posts, …
  • Your draft should include a minimum of three visual elements


  • We love it when guest writers find a way to link back to our older posts that relate to the topic you’re writing about.
  • Links must be relevant and valuable for the reader.
  • If we consider backlinks to be: spammy, irrelevant or included in a far-fetched example, we will remove them. If there are more than 3 of these types of links, the article will be rejected, and we will not contact you for future guest posts.
  • If you repeat backlinks, even if relevant, we will remove all but one of these links.