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Can You Glue Down Floating Floors? Here’s What You Should Know

glue down floating floors

Floating floors are easy and cost-efficient options to give your floors a new look. A floating floor is not one type of floor covering — instead, it refers to a kind of installation that basically “floats.” It is extremely easy to install and requires no glue to hold it down. But a common question we […]

Re-leveling Mobile Home in 10 Steps: A complete guide

Re-leveling Mobile Home in 10 Steps: A complete guide

Re-leveling a mobile home is almost a routine maintenance procedure for any mobile homeowner. Because every home settles regardless of the type of the home or the land it’s sitting on — it becomes unlevel and needs fixing from time to time.  So, how often should you check if your mobile home is level? How […]

How to Clean Unfinished Wood Floor Without Damaging Them (4 Easy Steps)

How to Clean Unfinished Wood Floor

Unfinished wood flooring has its very own charm. It adds a natural aesthetic to any place like no other flooring option. As it doesn’t have a protective layer of wax or any other finishing, you need to be very diligent about cleaning the unfinished wood floor.  To clean unfinished wood floors, start by removing all […]

Best Flooring Options for Mobile Homes: Everything You Need to Know

Maybe your mobile home flooring is starting to look like it has seen better days, or you are just ready for a refreshed look. Whichever situation you are in, choosing the perfect flooring option is the most crucial and arguably hardest decision to make. Manufactured homes have evolved over the last few decades, meaning the […]